WhatsApp Being Targeted By Digital Criminals

WhatsApp, the world famous instant messaging app may expose users to cyber attacks when the user’s click on the links circulated for mischievous purposes.

According to a report in The Sun newspaper, hackers are using simple tricks to fool people to visit mischievous websites and fleecing the users.whatsapp

As we all know WhatsApp recently rolled out the video calling feature globally and in India (having 160 million monthly active users), available to all platforms: Android, IOS, Windows and scammers are taking advantage of this new feature as a bait to tempt people into their hideous traps.

The report says, “If you receive an email asking you to ACTIVATE the function by visiting a website, make sure you don’t click it. Anyone who is tricked into visiting the danger pages could end up being targeted by digital criminals.”

WhatsApp is available in more than 50 different languages around the world out of which 10 languages are Indian languages (due to large number of monthly active users as mentioned above). Nearly 100 million calls are being made on the platform daily around the globe.

Now with the video calling feature added to WhatsApp, it will now compete with Microsoft owned Skype and Google’s new Duo app.


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