PROJECT NEON: New Design Language for Windows 10

A lot of adjustments have been made by Microsoft to its design language over the period of last few years starting with the Windows 8 and evolving into Microsoft Design Language 2 or MDL2 in Windows 10. Microsoft has plans to begin a much more streamlined design language with the Windows 10 Redstone 3. The codename given to it is Project Neon.

Windows Central confirms the information and has heard from Project Neon is also called as “basically Metro 2” which refers to the first Metro design language that harkens to Windows Media Centre up through Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

With strict principles and guidelines, Metro was the definition of the Windows Phone OS. It started the design movement of flat, chrome-less design focused on simplicity that is even mimicked by both IOS and Android.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has been working on Project Neon for over a year. Its design language was introduced with Windows 10, with its simple and clean interface, which adds flair to the UI that the current design lacked.

Much details are not available but, it is said that new design, more animation and transitions to the UI with the aim of making the UI very fluid and beautiful compared to the current static UI i.e. MDL2.windows10

Other rumors are that Project Neon is a bridge between holographic and augmented reality (AR) and the desktop environment. It’s a UI that transports across devices with a user experience (UX) that map to the physical world. It uses textures, 3D models, lighting and more.

For the MDL2 fanboys, Project Neon intends to build upon the current design language. The new design will be like a natural evolution rather than a complete redesign to the UI.

With Project Neon, Microsoft wants to clean up the inconsistencies of MDL2. Project Neon aims to clean all the inconsistencies of MDL2and provide developers with clear and consistent guidelines when developers are designing their apps.


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