WhatsApp Update: list of smartphones that will lose WhatsApp support in 2017

As we say goodbye to this event year 2016, it is also time for some people to say goodbye to WhatsApp as well. Those some people would be who have a smartphone with an outdated operating system.

WhatsApp with over one billion active monthly users, the world’s most popular instant messaging app has decided that it will stop working on thousands of smartphones from the first day of January 2017, unless updated. WhatsApp has also stated that the app will be discontinued on many older OS from the same time. With an aim to add new features and give the better option to people to stay connected, WhatsApp believes that the decision taken is a tough decision but at the same time, it was right to do so. People have been intimated about this plan by WhatsApp earlier this year also. The only way to cope up is to update your device with the due update or buy a new smartphone.


In a blog, WhatsApp stated that the support for the app will end on several devices as the older phones do not offer the kind of capabilities required by WhatsApp to expand its functionality of the app. With the introduction of video calling facility, WhatsApp is now competing with FaceTime, Skype and Google Duo. WhatsApp also has included some Snapchat inspired features in the app. About the video calling, WhatsApp said that the calls are always encrypted, like the text messages and calls.

So if you want to enjoy these features in 2017 as well then, here are the phones which will not have the app from next year onwards, so you need to upgrade if you have one:

  1. iPhones/IOS: Any iPhone running IOS 6 or lower will not get WhatsApp support, Even iPhone 4, 4s and 5 which do not have the latest IOS 10 will get the same treatment.
  2. Android: If your smartphone still has the old Android Éclair 2.1 or the Android Froyo 2.2, then forget using WhatsApp in 2017. In case you have the Android IceCream Sandwich or maybe the Android Jelly Bean then you need not worry.
  3. Windows: The version 7 on the Windows platform will not get the support of the app.

The good news is the users of BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 have got an extension to the deadline, as they will keep getting WhatsApp support at least until June 30, 2017.




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