Google update its Android App with the offline search feature

Last month Google was testing a feature of offline search with select users, which have been rolled out for general public.

The way this feature work is that the keyword that the people use to search on Google is saved, the result is loaded in the background at the moment when the app gets the internet connection. Once the result page is all set, the users get a notification, notifying them the same. Tapping on that notification opens the ‘Manage Search’ page where all the saved words are visible. The user can tap on any saved word to view their respective search results.

However, this feature is optional as the users may not want the Google app to use their internet data in the background. But Google claims that the Google Offline feature consumes very less data as well as very less battery life.

Also, Google updated the Google app last month on both Android and IOS platforms. The update organizes the Google Cards in two different sections. The first section is the commonly seen Google Search Card which keeps users interests (news, entertainment, sports etc) updated whereas the second section will be more personalised, which will inform the users about the upcoming events like the personal information regarding the flights, appointments and more which are synchronised with the Google Calendar of the user.

This is what Google’s blog post said, “You can also toggle over to your upcoming dashboard for a dependable view of your personal info — keeping details of your daily schedule, travel time for your commute, package delivery info and more, all in one place. With the holiday travel season upon us, you’ll never need to dig through your email to find your boarding pass or flight info. Tap to ta-da!.”


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